A visibly upset Amanda Holden voices her family's worries on This Morning

Amanda Holden has revealed that her sister has been caught up in the tragic Nepal earthquake as she’s currently climbing Mount Everest.

An emotional Amanda, 44, shared the shocking news about sister Debbie on This Morning when she and Phillip Schofield discussed the aftermath of the disaster with rescue experts.

‘I can barely speak, it’s just awful,’ she said after Phillip revealed that the subject was close to his co-presenter’s heart.

‘My mum and dad are watching and listening to you [the rescue experts] for information… but my sister [Debbie] is climbing Mount Everest.’

Amanda – who has admitted that she still feels ‘numb’ about the situation – went on to reveal that Debbie is safe and may have actually been saved by a bout of altitude sickness.

‘Very luckily she is at a place that is the last camp before you get to base camp one on the south side,’ the presenter explained.

‘There was only four of them left at that camp because my sister was suffering so badly from altitude sickness she didn’t walk up to base camp – which actually, potentially might have saved her life.’

Fortunately Debbie has been in contact with Amanda and her family to let them know that she’s okay.

‘Brilliantly, she is with a friend and I think they have hooked up with another girl called Amy, I’m not sure of her surname, but we have Amy‘s telephone number who my sister has managed to send a text to my mother and me from saying she is safe,’ she said.

‘I think they rushed out when the earthquake came and rushed back in because they were affected by an avalanche partly at the camp they were in… and I think they were going to make their way down this morning.’

A concerned Amanda asked guest James Parry from the international rescue core if it was likely that the fourth person in Debbie‘s group would be a guide of some sort and was reassured to hear that James was confident this would be the case.

An avalanche hit Mount Everest following the terrible earthquake in Nepal on Saturday. 17 people have lost their lives on the mountain and there are reportedly 60 people with injuries. The earthquake has tragically led to the deaths of more than 3,000 people.

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