Outcast and rejected, The Hills star’s dream life hasn’t materialised


As the full horror of what she’s done to herself sinks in, Heidi Montag is desperately turning to yet more surgery.

Fighting back tears, the reality star has told friends she’s made a huge mistake with the obsession that saw her undergo a whopping 10 procedures in a day.

Yet last week she paved the way for going under the knife again, saying of her boobs: ‘I didn’t get them as big as I wanted.’

Heidi, 23, previously insisted she was delighted with the results of her ops. But now The Hills star faces a marriage crisis and a backlash from her co-stars – even her mother branded her a ‘circus freak’.

After a confrontation with her family, Heidi’s now admitted: ‘I’m very fragile. I’m not in a good place right now.’

Friends lay some of the blame at the door of her husband Spencer Pratt, 26.

Heidi’s been in tears,’ one friend says. ‘She’s devastated. She’s been looking at herself and cursing about how stupid she was to go so far.

‘But once you have the surgery there’s little chance of undoing it.She was locked in this bizarre quest for perfection. There was no talking to her.

‘You have to wonder what Spencer was doing when all this was going on. What kind of a man wouldn’t step in when his young wife started talking about having so much surgery?’

However, it seems Spencer may not have been aware how much surgery she was going to have.

Heidi had F-cup breast implants, a brow lift, a nose job revision, lipo on her stomach and thighs, butt augmentation and other procedures in November during the run-up to the release of her £1 million self-funded album Superficial.

Critics labelled it a cynical stunt and the album has tanked spectacularly.

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