Instagram users are saying that Kim Kardashian's 1 year-old could choke

Kim Kardashian has been at the centre of the Internet since her brown-to-blonde transformation (we’ve finally accepted that we love it).

Now the reality star has caused outrage after she posted a picture of herself and daughter North getting ready for bed. Bear with us.

The grainy snap, which was posted on Instagram last night, shows Kim and North lying next to each other with the caption ‘Reading before bedtime’. Cute so far, right? However, while Kim looks relaxed and ready for rest (with a full face of make-up no doubt, but we’ll ignore that), sleepy little North must have gotten carried away playing princesses and is seen wearing a set of plastic beads around her neck. ERM, HAZARD ALERT.

Although most people found the shot sweet, others lashed out with worries about the child’s safety. One Instagram user, @becmaree, stated ‘Because letting your toddler wear a long beaded necklace while sleeping is so appropriate. Lol what a dumb b****’. Another, @stephmoo85 said ‘A necklace at bedtime? HUGE mistake. I hope you took it off before she fell asleep.’ Oh dear.

Following the snap, Kim posted another one of the two kissing and cuddling, which was received a lot more positively.

This isn’t the first time the 34 year-old’s parenting has been questioned.

When Kim posted a pic of North wearing a bulletproof vest designed by husband and North’s dad Kanye West with the hashtags #Daddy’sMuse, fans of the couple well less than impressed.

Sharon Osbourne also recently stated that Kim is using baby North as an ‘accessory’ after the 19 month-old was seen wearing fur at various fashion events. ‘(Fur) makes me physically sick, and wearing it is a very dated way of showing everyone how rich you are,’ she said. ‘North isn’t an accessory. She shouldn’t be wearing ugly couture clothes.’


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