Something tells us David Walliams is going to regret checking his Twitter

He may be ‘devastated’ following his reported split from Lara Stone was rumoured this morning, but David Walliams already has ladies throwing themselves at him.

Well by ladies we mean Josie Cunningham, which we’re not too sure he’ll appreciate. Or if many people would even call Josie ‘a lady’?
But that hasn’t stopped her sending some dirty direct messages offering a little more than a shoulder to cry on to the Britain’s Got Talent judge.
But WAIT?! How can Josie send David direct messages over Twitter you’ve probably just asked yourself? Because he only went and followed her last year meaning they can privately interact. 
Why? Who knows.
Maybe he’s a fan of her previous glamour shoots? He married a model after all.
However, something tells us Josie may be getting a swift unfollow when ‘devastated’ David reads her offer of ‘some no strings fun.’
In the messages, Josie also informs David she may not be a Calvin Klein model but she can ‘go for hours’ and that she’s ‘good at comforting.’ 
Which we have no doubt she, er, is. Josie did send more offerings of (rather detailed) sexual activity, which we’ll spare you from reading. We wish we hadn’t, but please know it was unforgettable.
Although David is yet to respond, something tells us he probably won’t – with him and Lara only being on a reported ‘trial separation’ for now, an evening with NHS boob job wonder Josie C probably won’t help rebuild his marriage.
According to reports, David’s split came after Lara left their London home on Tuesday night, taking their son Alfred – who is nearly 2 – along with their dog Bert. Read more on this here.

Joshua Fox