The X Factor's eight-piece boyband could be cut down after they had to sing for survival

Louis Walsh has admitted he can only try his best with his eight-piece boyband Stereo Kicks on The X Factor, blaming Simon Cowell for creating a band far too large to do well on a TV show.

The Irishman only has two acts left in the competition after only two weeks of live shows. And after the huge group were almost voted off the show – the panel opted for Chloe-Jasmine Whichello to go instead – things got a bit frank backstage on the ITV programme on Sunday.

Following the performance of the lads’ I’ll Stand By You to fight for survival, Louis told The Xtra Factor host Sarah-Jane Crawford: ‘I’ve had a bad night… You know what, Simon said to me “I didn’t connect with the band”. Simon Cowell is the person that made this band an eight-piece. He is the person.

‘Eight never worked in a boyband, but he put eight people together. Then he starts blaming me on live TV. I wouldn’t have eight people – I never wanted eight people in the band.’

Alright Louis! We like to think he was just going for something S Club 7/Blazin’ Squad-esque.

When asked about possibly cutting a few members, Louis didn’t even seem to bat an eyelid and revealed he’d be chatting to them after Sarah-Jane left his dressing room. Awkward!

He continued: ‘So I’ll have to talk to the boys. I wouldn’t change
anybody but I’ll talk to the boys and see if they want to do anything.

‘The way he said I didn’t connect with them, I really work with them, they’re always in my dressing room.’

On Saturday’s live show Cheryl Cole confessed they weren’t getting the same reaction in the room that One Direction would, to which one of the lads quipped back it was just as well because they AREN’T 1D.

Simon’s sidekick Sinitta – who was celebrating her birthday on Sunday – also appeared on The Xtra Factor and admitted that she can’t even remember their names which would make it difficult to connect with audiences.

However one name she did remember was Barclay Beales, who she revealed was keen on a certain lady in the contestants’ house who already has a boyfriend.

While having a cheeky gossip on air Sinitta added she didn’t want to reveal which girl he was asking to leave her man.

Meanwhile Lauren Platt‘s boyfriend called into the show to help keep the flame alive while they were spending time apart and Stephanie Nala admitted how good-looking she thought Ben Haenow is. Ooh-er!

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