Reality star has a scare

Lucy Watson had a nightmare yesterday when her beloved pet dog disappeared.

The Made In Chelsea star was having a nice time out and about in London with her pooch Digby but things turned sour after the pup scarpered.

‘#Uhoh. Lovely day in the park before Digby got scared and ran away,’ Lucy, 23, captioned a photo of the scene on Instagram.

‘After about half an hour I really panicked and was hysterical thinking the worst.

‘I retraced my steps, couldn’t find him.’

Luckily Lucy was soon reunited with Digby as the clever hound had found his way back home.

‘Eventually went home to find him with the security guards!’ a relieved Lucy told fans.

‘Can’t believe he ran all the way home, made it across busy roads.

‘Moral of the story, make sure you microchip your dogs and that they have collars with your number on them.’

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Anna Francis