Pete's insecure about his qualifications


His new love couldn’t be more different to his ex even if she tried.

But in news that’ll be music to Katie Price’s ears, we’re told that Peter Andre feels insecure compared to brainy Emily MacDonagh, 23.

A source says: ‘Pete loves that Emily studies medicine and is clever.

‘But she makes him realise how much he’s missed out on academically.’

Now Pete, 39 – who launched his pop career at the age of 16 – has been inspired to swot up on his general knowledge. 

‘He’s trying to read more often – it’s a daily discipline and that’s the sort of thing he’s really good at,’ reveals our source.

‘Rather than having lots of books delivered all the time, Pete’s been using technology to help him.

‘He’ll do his reading on an iPad or a laptop.

‘It may sound daft, but he’ll read an encyclopedia and research subjects such as astronomy and science.’

It doesn’t end there.

Peter – who’s previously admitted he’s ‘not the most educated person’ – is even considering going to university!

‘He loves how passionate Emily is about doing well with her degree and her future career as a doctor,’ explains the insider.

‘He does everything he can to set a good example to his kids Junior and Princess.

‘He thinks going back to school to get some A-levels and going on to university to get a degree is one of the best things he could do in terms of inspiring them and showing them just how important education is.’

Read more about Peter Andre and Emily MacDonagh in Now magazine dated 3 September 2012 – out now!

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