Has Kim Kardashian copied Zoella?! Let's take a look at their similarities

There’s no denying YouTube superstar turned best-selling author Zoella, aka Zoe Sugg, is everywhere at the minute.

So much so that even American A-lister Kim Kardashian surely can’t help but take notice.

And um, possibly take some style and beauty inspiration from?

As the reality star debuted her shorter shoulder-length hair on her Instagram account over the weekend ahead of Sunday nights Grammy awards, it was oddly identical to the makeover Zoella posted online just one week ago.

Documenting her dramatic change on her YouTube channel, Zoe expressed her doubts before having her hairdresser hack into her 33inch locks – but couldn’t be happier with the result.

‘I love it! We’ve taken off half of it and it looks and feels so much healthier!’ Zoe gushed in her vlog

And with the video amassing almost two million views, it’s clear to see where Kim maybe got her ‘lob’ inspiration.

With the majority of these views probably coming from the mum-of-one and her never ending list of siblings as they pondered the fresh new look?

Stylist Gregory Russell cut Kim‘s hair, and he said: ‘Kim came to me looking for a shorter look and after several different length reference photos, we decided on a blunt, textured shoulder length bob with a heavy side bang.’

And it isn’t just the hair on their heads where the similarities between the YouTube superstar and reality show Royalty start and end.

Both have found fame and fortune by documenting their day-to-day lives with the world, with Kim doing hers through the medium of E’s Keeping Up With The Kardashians and Zoe doing hers through her two YouTube channels with have a combined following of 8 million people.

The ladies both have beauty products and books out too, and also have high-profile partners in the former of rapper Kanye West and fellow web celeb Alfie Deyes.

Here’s to hoping for a crossover reality show in the recent months…

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