Cheryl loves to express herself with a picture icon. Aubergine emoji, anyone?

We’ve always been firm believers that a person’s emoji use can tell you everything we need to know about them. Seriously, if someone sends us one of the monkey emojis we’ll probably want to marry them. The knife or syringe, ummm… not so much.

Anyway, it now looks like emoji use reveals so much more than whether or not you’re a bit weird, as according to scientist researcher types, users of those cheeky little icons have more sex than those who don’t.

*Raises eyebrow* go on… conducted a Singles In America study in which they polled more than 5,600 people of all ages, ethnicities, incomes and backgrounds and found that those people have sex more than their poorly communicating counterparts on a monthly basis.

In fact, there was a direct correlation between the amount of nookie that people have and the amount of emojis that they use. And don’t go thinking that emoji lovers are floosies, as after casual sex, the study found that users are twice as likely to want marriage and to settle down. For their sake we hope they receive a text proposal with ‘diamond ring’, ‘bride’ and ‘church’ emojis.

Dr. Helen Fisher, who helped conduct the study revealed that the ‘wink’ emoji is the one that used the most overall, but men prefer to use the ‘kiss’ and ‘heart eyes’ emojis, whereas women prefer smileys.

Our absolute favourite finding from all of this research is that women who use kiss-related emojis find it easier to achieve an orgasm with a familiar partner.

So… because we’ve got way to much time on our hands, we thought we’d have a little Twitter stalk of our fave celebs and to see who are the big emoji users.

Three ladies – who are big fans of not just an emoji, but are regular ‘heart’ and ‘kiss’ users as well – are Cheryl Fernandez-VersiniVicky Pattison and Khloe Kardashian. Despite having their fair share of failed marriages and engagements between them, all three of these ladies obviously don’t shy away from commitment and are often in serious relationships.

Mark Wright and fiancée Michelle Keegan also love an emoji and both their accounts are littered with hearts and smileys (plus a few monkeys thrown in). Oi, oi you two…

But what about those who don’t? Well, infamous ladies’ men Spencer Matthews and Harry Styles have Twitter feeds that are totally BARON of all emoji usage! Could all this sex talk just be a front?

The same with Taylor Swift, we expected at least a few cat faces thrown in there, but oh no, nothing. Someone send the poor girl an aubergine.

Another notable emoji rejecter is Peter Andre, new baby taking it’s toll on you, babe?

What do you think about this research? Reckon there’s any truth in it? Do you judge the people you’re getting texty with on their choice of emojis?

Lauren Franklin