Pixie Lott has been spotted at Milan Fashion Week with her model boyfriend. Ermm, shouldn’t you be at Strictly dance rehearsals, love?


It’s just two weeks until Pixie Lott takes to the Strictly dancefloor with pro partner Trent Widdon. So why on earth is she frolicking around Milan with her beau? Come on, Pix!

The 23-year-old has been spotted around Milan with her boyfriend Oliver Cheshire, including at the Just Cavalli fashion show on Thursday.

In the meantime, the other stars of this years’ Strictly are hard at work in the UK, preparing their debut dance.

So why isn’t Pixie?

Here are five reasons the pop star *could* be skipping practice

1. She’s fave to win
Pixie is current favourite to raise the glitterball due to her previous theatre school training. In fact, critics have said that the experience gives her an unfair advantage. Though Pixie has hit back, claiming that the Strictly shows will be ‘completely different’. Is she so confident in her dancing abilities that she doesn’t feel the need to practice? Probably not.

2. She’s fallen out with Trent already
We might get the odd five-minute rehearsal video throughout the live shows, but do we really know what’s been going on backstage? Somehow we can’t imagine Pixie falling out with anyone, let alone handsome Trent Widdon.

3. She wants to hang with her hot man
If you had a hot boyfriend like Oliver Cheshire you wouldn’t want to spend ALL your time in Strictly rehearsals. Stuffy dance studio or Milan with Oliver? Yeah, we reckon Pixie deserves the break.

4. She’s trying to balance her life
We all know Pixie is a big fat fashion fanatic. So, well, why should she miss the fashion event of the year? Pixie might have been spotted in Milan and at several London fashion shows – but at least she’s been trying to involve Strictly by escorting dance partner Trent to Tuesday’s swanky ISSA Fashion Show. We love it when two worlds collide.

5. She wants some free gear
Fashion Week = goodie bags. And, well, you don’t get those in a dance studio. We can’t blame her, really – who doesn’t love free stuff?

Whatever the reason, you need to get back in that studio Pixie. If only so that we can see your inevitably gorgeous outfit swish around a bit.

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