We caught up with dancing duo Ola Jordan and James Jordan to talk Strictly Come Dancing, Peter Andre and putting on a few pounds

As Now recently revealed, Peter Andre could be in the running for this year’s Strictly and there’s one woman who is quite excited about it – Ola Jordan. 

Now caught up with the Strictly Come Dancing‘s professional and husband James as they star in ITVBe’s Seven Days With and she let us in on all the goss…

Congratulations on landing Strictly again, Ola!
Ola: I am really excited to be doing it, it’s been fabulous motivation for me working on my leg. Everyone tells you you’re going to get better but you can’t believe it until you are.
James: She has come back as quick as footballer would but it’s been very intense. Ola has had to do physio for four hours a day five times a week and that with four hours travel a day to London and back. It’s been very intense and she’s had to really push herself because it’s our job.

Who would you like to get as a partner Ola?
Ola: Well I’ve been saying for years Peter Andre, I hope he will do it this year. I’d love him to!

You recently joked about being pregnant saying you were just fat – what’s going on?
Ola: Look okay, I’ve put a few pounds on – I felt like everyone was looking at me and I had to tackle it head on! I’ve put on loads of weight.
James: It is understandable – with her leg injury (Ola suffered a cruciate ligament injury training for The Jump last year) Ola has not been able to go to the gym, she’s been trying so hard to get her leg better and it’s only the last few weeks that things have improved enough for her to exercise. Now she can start to shed pounds!
Ola: I was enjoying my time off, we went on holiday and were enjoying drinks and enjoying food – I just thought I can’t be bothered watching what I eat while I’m on holiday. I will snap back to it. Dealing with my injured leg was a lot of stress and I didn’t want to have to watch my weight as well.
James: We both became porkers!

You have not! How much weight did you put on Ola?
Ola: I am not going to tell you.. James knows as he knows me so well. I am the biggest I’ve ever been!

You admitted after the pregnancy speculation that you’re broody James?
James: I’ve got friends who have children and I think I will be very paternal. I love children but at the moment it is nice to give them back. But in the future I would like a son and daughter, that would be amazing..
Ola: Strictly is a priority but not right now but yes in the future.

Seven Days With airs Monday 22nd June at 10pm on ITVBe

Sofia Zagzoule