After Simon Cowell denied the pair to be anything other than 'friends', Katie Price has revealed what REALLY happened... and it's a shocker!

We’ve said it before and we’ll happily say it again- never underestimate the Pricey. And so, with all things Katie Price, we should be prepared to accept anything. Right? Right.

However, even we must admit we’re finding the latest Pricey revelation a slightly trickier one to wrack our brains round- as the mother-of-five has now openly discussed the fact she did have a thing with Simon Cowell…

Yup, you’re not mistaken. We really are talking about the real-life, ‘it’s a no from me’, Simon Cowell.


Speaking to The Sun on Sunday, Katie discusses how the pair had a flirtationship of sorts back in the day- explaining she’d actually spent the night with the music mogul, though they didn’t do that.

Katie reveals hat after the 2008 Annual Comedy Awards, Simon had invited her back to his home- which he had previously shared with TV presenter Terri Seymour, whom Simon had recently split with at the time of Katie’s dalliance with him.

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The former glamour model explains, ‘[After returning to Simon’s house], We kissed. I got undressed and we got into bed together… His bedclothes were all white. He had a really hairy chest and I got this real sense of being with a man for the first time. He was the oldest person I had been in bed with’. Is anyone else kinda cringed out right now?!

However, Katie remains adamant that nothing else happened, sharing: ‘It was something my mum drummed into me from an early age [not to have one night stands]… If a man wants you he’ll wait for you’.

And, in all fairness, the pair are now both married (to other people, duh) and have kids, so we wouldn’t hold our breath for Katie’n’Simon anytime soon.

Katie’s revelation follows her ex-boyfriend, Leandro Penna, making public claims that he had become suspicious of Katie possibly having an affair with Simon during their relationship.

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Speaking to The Sun on Sunday, Leo claimed to have found what he believed to be incriminating texts from Simon on her phone- Leo told the publication ‘It’s the reason I split up with her’. However, Katie remains adamant that the pair were never involved in that way.

At the time of Leo’s claims, Simon’s reps had shared that the pair are nothing more than long-term friends- having told The Sun, ‘These are very historic rumours, going back at least five years… For example, she came to his 50th birthday party in 2009 – but that’s it. Simon and Katie have long been friends – and nothing more’.

Just another day in Celebsville, eh boys and girls!

Alice Perry