Olivia Buckland has been forced to defend Alex Bowen following her shocking car crash which left her with a 'fractured' skull...

Love Island’s Oliva Buckland has been forced to defend her husband-to-be, Alex Bowen, after it was revealed the Love Island ‘gal had been involved in a shocking car crash.

On Thursday evening, Olivia had taken to Twitter to disclose that she had been involved in a pretty scary three-car collision whilst in the back of a taxi.

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Sharing a picture to Twitter, Olivia writes, ‘When this goes straight into the back of your taxi and your on the backseat…please everyone remember to wear seat belts please’.

Following her shock announcement, Olivia then shared that she had both fractured her skull and suffered whiplash: ‘I did go to get checked today at A&E and I have whiplash standard and may have a tiny fracture on my skull’.


However, the Love Island lovely was (thankfully) quick to reassure fans that she would be right as rain- if a little shaken.

Olivia writes, ‘Thankyou for everyone’s concern and I just wanted to let you all know I’m ok and hopefully on the mend. No gym for me for two weeks’. 

And, whilst countless fans were quick to send Liv kind messages, one user had pointed out that Alex had attended a PA event around the time of Olivia’s crash.

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Replying to the message, which reads ‘Alex shouldn’t have gone to his pa and should have stopped with you xx’, Olivia writes, ‘I wasn’t going to go A&E at first and didn’t think I had a fracture to be honest so we didn’t know. Everyone is excited to see him so’. 

Following on from this, Olivia then stressed that fans shouldn’t worry about her wellbeing- urging fans that their ‘attention is worth more else where‘.

And guess what, guys- whiplash or no whiplash, Olivia still SLAYS our life…

Taking to Instagram to share a snap of herself looking fabulous, Olivia has swapped her PJ’s for the ol’ glad rags- sharing that Alex was cheering her up by taking her out for some ‘comfort food‘.

NOT coping with being stuck indoors so dressed up and my boy's taking me for some comfort food 🙌🏽@prodigal_fox killing the jumpsuit game!! Yaaas 😍 Victoria Beckham Inspireddd #OlivesOutfits #MakingAGoodRecovery

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Sending Olivia lots and lots of good vibes, hoping ya’ make a speedy girl!

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