Love Island’s back! We catch up with our fave girl from 2016’s epic series to chat all things weddings – and island fallouts

It’s been a year since Olivia Buckland was runner-up on Love Island with other half Alex Bowen. Since then, they’ve proved their relationship was more than just a summer fling by moving in together, getting 
a dog… and getting engaged.

Olivia, 23, is now knee-deep in planning her wedding but when Now calls her for a chat 
– she’s currently in Spain with 25-year-old Alex shooting for her new swimwear range – she’s as chilled as ever. There’s no bridezilla in the building just yet.

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Big-day plans aside, we wanted to find out what’s happening with Olivia’s ex-BFF Malin Andersson – who insists Liv has blocked her on Twitter…

Love Island is back on telly! 
Are you secretly jealous that you’re not on the show?

I’m a definitely a bit jealous but it’s really good to see it back on. It is a bit weird because it’s 
a totally different villa, it’s a new cast – a whole new show.

Have you been watching it with Alex?

Yeah! We have dinner and then we watch it together. We’re doing a bit of reporting on the show too, so we have to stay in touch with what’s happening.

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How do you think this series is comparing to last year’s?

I’m still deciding who I like best – it constantly changes – but 
I think Kem [Cetinay] is so, so funny. It’s a totally different vibe from last year, isn’t it?

Would you like to do any more reality telly in future?

I would do it if I was asked but it’s not my main ambition. I’m loving designing swimwear 
at the moment – I love feeling creative, so that’s what I want to focus on.

What would you do if Alex got asked to go on a reality TV show without you?

Oh my God, I don’t think I could cope without him for that long. He said if he got asked to do Big Brother he’d break in the house.


Are you always together?

We can only spend about three or four days apart and then 
we start to really miss each other. We’re very close. We spend most of the time in 
each other’s pockets.

Are you still in the honeymoon phase, do you think?

I think we must be. We met about a year ago now and we’re still really mushy!

Did you realise that Alex was the one quite quickly?

In Love Island we always tried to keep it really casual and we always thought we were being really cool about it! We tried to act like we were just friends but the more time we spent together the more we realised that we couldn’t fight it.

These two!

So when’s the wedding planned for?

September next year.

And where is it going to be?

I think we’re going to do it in Essex. There are quite a few nice country houses we’ve had a look at. We’ll get both of our families down and we’ll all stay there for a couple of days. It’ll be a big day.

How are you coping with wedding stress?

One of my best friends is a wedding planner so she’s helping me out! It’s really good 
to have her around because there’s so much to think 
about and my friend’s stopping me from getting stressed out about it.

Do you think you’ll have a stripper at your hen do?

[Giggles] Oh my God! Yes, 
I feel like my friends will probably do that to me, let’s be honest. I really wouldn’t put it 
past them.

Would you be annoyed if Alex 
had a stripper at his stag do?

No. I know what 
his friends are like, and if I have one, we’re even!

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What kind of wedding dress are you after?

I did Say Yes To The Dress last month so I had the chance to look at styles and find out what I do and don’t want. I think 
I’ll choose strapless, classic and figure-hugging, with a fishtail. I don’t want a white dress either. I’ll go for a creamy champagne colour.

Will Caroline Flack be coming?

Yes she will! Iain [Stirling] off Love Island is coming too. We’re in Spain now and we went out drinking the other night and he picked me up 
in the club, spun me round 
– I banged my head into another guy and whacked 
my nose. I had a nosebleed! 
It was funny at the time…

Which other celebs are on the wedding guestlist?

Joey Essex is a close friend of ours – he’ll be there.

What about the other Love Islanders?

I don’t think they’ll all be there but a few will be invited.

Malin Andersson: not invited to Olivia’s wedding…

Is Malin Andersson coming? You were BFFs on Love Island but she recently revealed that you’d blocked her on Twitter…

Oh no, no. She’s not invited. But I don’t think she’s bothered so that’s fine for both of us.

Your castmate Cara De La Hoyde will be able to bring 
her little baby along, too…

I know! She’s going to be one of my bridesmaids, so her mum is going to bring the baby along and look after it on the day. It’s going to be so cute.

Would you try any Botox or 
lip fillers for the wedding?

I tried lip fillers two years ago and it was the worst experience. I hated them so much. I wanted to have them done to be like 
all the famous girls on TV. It seemed like the thing to do. I might get a bit of Botox one day – but only when I’m about 60!

Did the lip fillers hurt when you got them?

It didn’t hurt because my mouth was numbed. But afterwards my lips swelled to triple the size of what they usually are and I had to go to work the next day. I had to buy 
a bag of ice on the way in. It looked and felt horrendous.

Cara De La Hoyde is Olivia’s bridesmaid

What do you like to wear to flatter your curves?

I’m easily pleased – I’ll wear anything. I wear glam dresses but I’m also a bit of a tomboy. It’s either one or the other. So I’ll be wearing a baggy T-shirt or, like, a really figure-hugging dress – it’s never in between.

Is there anything you avoid?

I have big boobs so I need to steer clear of anything that just hangs off my chest and makes me look bigger. I can’t really wear little strappy tops, or anything with a high neck. 
I think only girls with flat chests can wear them, it just doesn’t work with big boobs.

Tell us about your range of swimwear with MissPap…

It’s been absolutely amazing because I designed it all myself, which was really cool. I’ve loved the designing process. We’ve got different pieces for different body types, from sporty bikinis to glam swimwear. I wanted to have pieces that every girl would like. And it’s been really nice getting messages from real women saying that like my swimwear and that they 
feel confident in it.

MissPap x Olivia Buckland, New Wave collection is available now at