Olly Murs is in hot water after a recent footie match!


It’s fair to say our Olly Murs is quite the cheeky chappy.

And, when he’s not doing his lil’ dancing thing or accidentally revealing x Factor results before he’s supposed to, it turns out Ol likes to indulge in a good ol’ kick-about.

However, it would appear that Mr Murs’ love of football has actually landed him in a bit of hot water this week- after a recent argy-bargy at a footie match he attended. Eek!


33-year-old Manchester United supporter Olly had recently attended a Super Cup final in Spain, supporting his team against Real Madrid.

However, after his team’s s 2-1 defeat, the ‘fella had found himself in a slight altercation with the opposing Real Madrid supporters- and has now been forced to apologise!

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In footage reportedly obtained by The Sun, Ol allegedly launches a foul-mouthed brigade on Real Madrid supporters- with the publication alleging that Olly ‘can be seen standing in his seat as he hurls abuse at someone close by’.

An onlooker of the event has also told the publication: ‘He repeated, ‘F**k off you c**t’ and the F-word at least 40 times in the first half’.

Yup, that’s about fifty quid into the swear jar right there Ol!

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The onlooker then added, ‘Another man also told him to calm down but Olly kept telling him to f**k off and leave him alone…The man stayed really cool. I’m a fan of Olly Murs but he was hardly a celebrity ambassador for his club here’.

The day after the match, Ol had taken to social media to shared the Instagram that he was slightly worse for wear following the defeat.

Finally feel normal after the hangover from hell

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However, since the allegations came to press, Ol has reached out to fans over the claims- telling The Sun that he is sorry for the events.

Olly shares, ‘I was away with a group of lads and got carried away. It was out of character. I apologise to anyone I offended’.

Yikes, maybe it’s time to hang up the footie boots till next season- eh, Ol?!

Alice Perry