Olly Murs has opened up about his worries for the future of his love life following his split from long term girlfriend Francesca Thomas.


Who wouldn’t wanna marry Olly Murs?! Like, c’mon… is he not the loveliest ‘fella ever?!

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However, our Ols’ has recently shared his worries for the future of his love life following his split from long-term girlfriend of three years.

Olly split from Francesca Thomas in September of this year, and he’s been pretty open about finding the separation hard.

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Speaking of the split, Olly told The Sun ‘I’m not over it. I don’t think anyone is ever over a break-up. You’re always going to think about them and care about them’.

He then added, ‘It’s like you’ve lost someone, like you’re grieving, because they were there all of the time and then they’re not’.

6 years since "Please don't let me go" went number 1!!! Mental!!!

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Olly has since opened up about the future of his love life, sharing that he’s concerned he might end up alone!

32-year-old Olly tells The Daily Star, ‘For me the future is a bit uncertain, I don’t know where I’ll be, or who I’ll be with. I can’t not think about it. Finding that person, it’s hard’.

Ol then added, ‘the one thing I don’t want is to be grey, old and never fall in love, and to never be with someone.”Olly, 32, can’t even enjoy the perks of being single, as all of his pals are on lockdown’.

Our fave cheeky chappy has always been admirably very vocal about his personal struggles- sharing that being an X Factor presenter was, at times, hard.

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The singer shares, ‘Being an artist I loved the attention but every night it was just so intense. It’s the mental pressure of dealing with TV, the lights being on you, plus at the same time promoting your single and wanting that to do well’.

The star then added, ‘In the lead up to Christmas it hit me hard. I had a week in bed when I couldn’t move’.

Read this weeks mag for more details on how Ollie is doing since his split! Big love, Ol.