Chiam have gotten the seal of approval from the Essex chappie

There’s nothing like some good baby news to cheer people up. And since Cheryl showed off her belly bump on Tuesday evening, people have not stopped discussing whether she’s pregnant with Liam Payne’s baby!

Though it’s looking more and more likely that that’s indeed the case (we mean, big belly, fuller face, ‘the glow’…it adds up), the ‘parents-to-be’ are yet to confirm – but one of their fellow X Factor cohorts has already spoken out about the news… good ol’ Olly Murs! And he’s given his verdict on what kind of parents they’ll be…

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Olly had the pleasure of attending the event alongside Chiam earlier this week, so had a front-row seat to the pictures on everyone’s mind. And now, he’s revealed that he has high hopes for their parenting skills.

‘I think Cheryl and Liam will make fantastic parents,’ he told The Sun.

‘I saw them both and obviously Cheryl’s bump was looking rather large and was out for everyone to see.

‘It is going to be a fantastic time for them – you could definitely see how happy they are.’

The baby speculation goes on and on...

The baby speculation goes on and on…

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Aww! Olly, 32, has long been a supporter of Cheryl and Liam’s whirlwind romance. When Now caught up with him in November, he also predicted that if there is a baby Payne on the way, it’ll be a beautiful lil’ cherub:

‘Seriously, Liam is a good-looking lad and Cheryl is obviously good-looking too so I’m sure the baby will be stunning.’

But seeing as neither one has even acknowledged the pregnancy, we reckon it’ll be a while before the public would get a glimpse!