Farrah Abraham has courted controversy since the beginning of Celebrity Big Brother, but has she gone too far with her latest remarks?

Farrah Abraham is not one to mince her words. Since entering the Celebrity Big Brother house, she’s argued with most of the contestants, but last night’s (Monday 7 September) episode saw her seemingly uncontrollable anger reach new heights.

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The latest challenge saw the American housemates pitted against the British ones, with the US contestants put in charge of deciding who faces eviction this week. Stevi Richie and Chloe-Jasmine, who were nominated by Jenna for their ‘uncomfortable amounts of PDA’ were heard in the bathroom discussing their fear of the upcoming public vote, while emotional Gail Porter, who Austin nominated for being ‘not much of a fighter’, sobbed to Natasha Hamilton.

The drama really started, though, when a bottle of kosher wine – which Jenna Jameson drinks for religious reasons – arrived at the house. Despite a bucket load of other booze including vodka and beer turning up, Natasha decided to open the wine before Jenna had a chance to get her hands on it. The argument descended into a full-on barney about food rations in the bedroom between Scoop, Natasha, Jenna and Farrah, which soon spilled out into the kitchen.

Farrah then accused Natasha of ‘making Americans negative’ – whatever that means – and was swiftly called to the diary room. After ranting about her broken flip flop for a good five minutes, she then declared: ‘I’m going to straight-up f*****g kill everyone in this f*****g house.’

She also referred to her fellow housemates as ‘scum’ – but given that the Americans were in charge of nominations this week, it looks like Farrah and her volatile temper will be in the house for a while longer. Something tells us we haven’t seen the worst of her yet…