Yep, the Britain's Got Talent judge has had a picture of Simon Cowell tattooed on her THIGH

You might have thought you’d seen it all when last week’s Britain’s Got Talent brought us a talking dog, a stuntman jumping from the balconies and a group of woman stripping to their underwear and BGT-themed nipple tassles.

But now, the craziness has reached a whole new level as judge Amanda Holden, 44, has revealed a tattoo of Simon Cowell on her THIGH.

Whilst filming for The Graham Norton Show, Amanda proudly flashed the tatt, which shows fellow judge Simon grinning with his shiny hair, at the very top of Amanda’s outer thigh.

(Side note: we’re still not over Amanda’s incredible pins. Swit swooo!)

It’s not clear yet whether the ink is real – though we think it’s safe to assume it’s not. Either way, we cannot wait to see how Simon reacts.

The possible prank comes days after Simon tricked Amanda live on Radio 1’s Call or Delete, convincing her that he’d replaced her on the Britain’s Got Talent panel with none other than Cheryl Fernandez-Versini.

Amanda responded with a long, awkward silence, followed by simply: ‘Are you joking?’

To rub salt in the wound, Simon explains that the fact that 31-year-old Cheryl is ‘younger’ and a singer means she’ll bring in a different audience. Ouch!

Commence: THE most excruciating silence from Amanda, before she tetchily replies, ‘Okay’.

Simon even went on to joke that he was planning to replace David Walliams with Jeremy Clarkson. Can. You. Imagine?

When Simon finally revealed that the whole thing was one big, cruel joke, Amanda promptly replied: ‘I hate you so much. I need a gin.’ And we don’t blame her.

Oh, we do love this Britain’s Got Talent panel. Bring on the rest of the series for more ridiculous pranks.

What has Britain’s Got Talent judge Amanda Holden done to her face?

Kim Gregory