Cara gets cheeky with Charles

Cara Delevingne is famed for her quirky antics and she didn’t hold back when meeting royalty yesterday.

The model was amongst the glam guests at the The Animal Ball in London, a party thrown by Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles in aid of conservation charity Elephant Family.

Cara was introduced to Charles, 64, and was seen exchanging jokes with him in the gardens of Clarence House.

She reportedly apologised for having her tattoos on show – including a lion on her finger and her initials CJD on her hand – as she shook the Prince’s hand and cheekily asked him: Do you have any tattoos?’

Charles seemed to find Cara, 20, very amusing and was pictured laughing heartily during their chat.

She also revealed that she had the phrase Made In England inked on another part of her body.

Cara went on to meet Charles‘ wife Camilla, 65, but the topic of that conversation is unknown.

The crazy antics didn’t end there for Rita Ora‘s ‘wifey’, who posted a funny video to her Instagram page of guests dancing at the bash whilst wearing masks, calling it: Animal dance off

Even Cara’s dad Charles Delevingne got in on the action, posing for a cheeky picture at the do with a statue of two mating hippos.

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