Model gets new body art on foot

Cara Delevingne‘s shown off a new tattoo after partying with Rihanna in the French Riviera.

Uploading a snap to Instagram, the 20-year-old has revealed the words ‘MADE IN ENGLAND’ inked on the sole of her foot.

Made in England!‘ she posts.


The phrase, written in block capitals, was scribed by Cara‘s go-to artist Bang Bang.

Bang was introduced to the British model in May by her self-proclaimed ‘lover’ and holiday companion Rihanna.

Since then he’s already etched a lion and the initals ‘CJD’ on to the model’s hands.

My lover @caradelevingne just came over and got tagged for the first time,’ Rihanna told Twitter followers after Cara got her first body art.

‘Only by the best @bangbangnyc #Zodiackilla.’

Ri-Ri and Cara have been hanging out together on a £500,000 yacht break.

As well as enjoying water sports and sunbathing on the European trip, the pair have been drinking tequila slammers.

#Montecarlo,’ writes Cara.


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