Big Brother star Chanelle involves the police after repeated threats

Hardly a day
passes without some new nude photos of a celeb appearing online against their
wishes leaving them feeling humiliated and ashamed.

Now former Big
Brother star Chanelle Hayes claims someone is threatening to
release explicit pictures of her.

The reality TV
star has taken to Twitter to tell followers that she’s living in fear after
a private number began sending her abusive emails and messages.

tweeted: ‘According to threats in an email, some very intimate pictures sent
privately by me will be posted online unless u do as he wants…’

But she vowed:
‘…I will not be bulldozed into being a puppet to someone like him. Say no to
bullies!! I would rather keep my dignity by showing
strength as a woman. I won’t be threatened or bullied. So do whatever
you will. Lawyers are ten to the dozen and you will need one. I’m not scared of
you. #enough.’

The abuse got
so bad that Chanelle even called in the police, she sent a tweet to West
Yorkshire Police and Essex Police, claiming on Monday: ‘The emails of abuse are
from someone stalking my Instagram page.’

It seems the
‘unstable psychopath’ was spurred on by the Instagram snaps of Chanelle‘s
transformation from a size 16 to a svelte size 8 – something she achieved thanks to cutting out cake and
junk food and going on a health kick.

Showing off her washboard abs and ample
cleavage from behind the scenes of her 2015 calendar shoot Chanelle opened up
about her weight last year admitting to Now she had a rocky relationship with
dieting and even that she was addicted to lipo.

‘Food can be an
abused substance, especially carbs and processed foods. It’s addictive,
especially when you’re depressed,’ she admitted.

‘Some people
take drugs to get a high – it’s the same for me with food.’

Let’s hope
she’s found a happy medium now.

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Sofia Zagzoule