OMG! A completely butt naked Gary Busey nearly ruins a ‘moment’ between James Jordan and Audley Harrison

Watch Gary Busey’s hilarious CBB nudity shower scene here

For pure entertainment value in the Celebrity Big Brother house American actor Gary Busey is tough to beat.

What more do you want than someone who’s actually recognisable (Point Break, right?), strange, hilarious, angry and more than a little disconcerting?

Gary ticks all the boxes and, in case you missed it, this clip from Celebrity Big Brother‘s Bit On The Side sums up his appeal perfectly. It might just be the clip of the series.

Strictly Come Dancing‘s James Jordan and boxer Audley Harrison were in the bathroom having a ‘moment’.

James, while not apologising (because it was just a miscommunication, OK?) was explaining patiently to Audley how he hadn’t been mocking his career earlier when he’d brazenly mocked his career, he’d actually been joking! Hilarious! Joking is fine when you respect someone as much as James does Audley, apparently.

Audley responds to this admirably by not punching him in the face. Instead he says ‘Yeah’ a lot and scratches his man-bits. All very pleasant.

However, no one else is paying any attention to this exchange because in the background stands Gary, fresh from the shower and completely starkers, towelling himself down with the biggest grin slapped on his face.

Having been forced into the shower by a disgusted James who couldn’t believe Gary could go so long without washing, he and ‘Little Gary’ were obviously enjoying the, ahem, freedom.

Neither James nor Audley notice as Gary happily flashes the room, making sure every bit of skin gets a good seeing-to with his towel. It’s completely surreal and totally brilliant.

It’s these kind of crazy scenes that make Celebrity Big Brother so good, even after all these years.

Watch it (and no, don’t worry, you’re not alone in wishing the little Big Brother eye wasn’t covering up Gary Busey‘s manhood. We’re all just a teeny bit curious).

Jo Usmar

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