Charlotte Crosby proves that her fitness DVD is really paying off - but has it caused problems between her and Vicky Pattison?

We know that Charlotte Crosby likes posting Instagram snaps of her newly slim body but her latest photo literally made our jaws drop!

The Geordie Shore favourite proved just how much weight she’s lost on Friday by sharing a comparison of her before and after figure – and it’s UNBELIEVABLE!

Charlotte, 24, exposes the rolls on her belly in the before shot as she reclines on a beach in an unflattering green bikini.

Meanwhile in the up-to-date shot the Newcastle lass showcases her incredibly flat tum in a sexy black crop top and matching knickers. WOW.

‘#FitspoFriday found this old pic of me on the right on holiday 🙈😱,’Charlotte captioned the photos.

‘#3MinuteBellyBlitz time 💪👊⌚️ im gunna stare at this while I’m doing the HIT cardio sections that will get me thru 😰’

Charlotte‘s fans were amazed to see just how far the TV star has come, with one commenting: ‘Absolute transformation!! 😁👍’

Another wrote: ‘you look stunning now babe, put the past behind you!!😌’

Charlotte‘s incredible weight loss and accompanying fitness DVD comes after her former Geordie Shore co-star Vicky Pattison also got into shape and released her own workout tape.

There have been rumours of some tension amongst the slimmed down girls, with Vicky allegedly suggesting that Charlotte had ‘copied’ her. She also apparently confessed that she feared her co-stars would get skinnier than her.

But Charlotte – who is currently in Australia – has hit back, admitting she’s ‘really disappointed’ to hear what Vicky has supposedly said.

‘I don’t know why she seems to be so angry,’ she says. ‘I’ve made excuses for Vicky, but she’s been saying all this stuff and I’ve been quite naïve about it.

‘When I landed in Australia Marnie [Simpson] sent me more interviews with bad things Vicky has said about me, like people would be blind not to notice that I was emulating her career.

‘I texted her and she said her words have been twisted, so I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt. But I know she said "emulate" because she uses the word all the time. It’s how I learnt it!

‘But we’ll always have that Geordie Shore bond. I’ll catch up with her when I get back from Oz.’

We hope you can work things out, ladies!

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