According to a mystery source, Harry Styles has already recorded his solo album!


*Puts on protective gear and looks for shelter*

Okay people, we’re about to drop a bombshell. Please, no-one do anything reckless. Here we go…


*Looses mind*

That’s right folks, The Sun has reported that Mr Styles has already recorded 20 solo tracks in preparation for forthcoming 2016 One Direction hiatus.

A source told the newspaper, ‘Harry has been writing constantly both when on the road and when doing his own thing. He’s managed to work on and record 20 songs already’.

The source continued, ‘Some of what he’s written in the past has been given to the band. But he’s been working hard on creating his own sound’.

And in fact, a spokesperson for Harry has confirmed that the 21-year-old ‘has been writing songs for many years for One Direction’. We are *totally* going to pretend that was an official confirmation of Haz and his solo music.

To be honest, we should have probably seen this one coming. It was reported months back that Harry had been approached with a ‘lucrative’ solo deal with Sony records.

And what will Haz name this (undoubtedly) breathtaking collection of songs?! Well, friend, we can officially reveal that the most beautiful album to ever grace this earth will be called…*dramatic pause*… Handbag Branch.


Okay that was a lie- we’re sorry, we get a little carried away.

Handbag branch is ACTUALLY the very unusual combination of words cryptically tweeted by Mr Styles last night. What are you trying to tell us Harry?!

Excuse us, we need a lie down.

Alice Perry