We've taken a close inspection of the ex TOWIE star's wardrobe items

Former TOWIE star Lauren Goodger is one seriously lucky lady.

The 28-year-old has given us a cheeky insight into her spectacular wardrobe by posting a photo on her Instagram page.

Next to the photo, Lauren wrote:

‘Nearly sorting through my wardrobes #jimmyChoo #Balenciagas #valentinos #LV #Louboutin #YSL #TomFord #Prada #chanel #shoes’

Anyone else notice the plural of ‘wardrobes’ there?

So what’s inside Lauren’s wardrobe? Errr, only like shelves of designer shoes and handbags. With at least six visible pairs of Louboutin heels (OMG!) and various Louis Vuitton and Yves Saint Lauren handbags and shoes, we have major wardrobe envy right now.

Question is, how on earth does Ms Goodger afford all this?!

She must be making an absolute mint from her Lauren’s Way range, which includes fake tan, lashes and even hair extensions.

As for us, we’re just waiting for pay day so we can head to Topshop and fork out £30 on a knock-down pair of jeans.

So what does it all cost? Well, although we can’t see everything within the deep, dark depths of Lauren‘s closet, we picked out a few noticeable pieces and conducted a speedy tally.

The red-soled Louboutin heels certainly aren’t cheap. Lauren will have forked out about £700 for the highest heeled pairs (on the top shelf FYI). The others range from around £400 to £600. So basically our entire rent money.

The black Louis Vuitton Sobe Clutch retails at around £790 and the blue Yves Saint Laurent bag behind it looks like a leather cross-over body bag. How much for that? Only like £1,060! Jeez.

Other items include the chunky red Yves Saint Laurent strappy heels, which cost around £580.

To conclude, so far, Lauren’s wardrobe contains £6,000 worth of shoes and bags, and that’s only a handful of items!

If we were a text emoticon right now, we’d obviously be the face with heart eyes.

Lauren, we salute you and your incredible wardrobe but please don’t post more pics. We can’t contain our jealousy.

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