It looks like there's more than meets the eye to Katie Price's nuptial renewal

This weekend is set to be a biggie for Katie Price and husband Kieran Hayler, as the loved-up pair will be renewing their wedding vows. Cute!

After Katie announced to the world in May 2014 that Kieran had been cheating on her with former best friends, Jane Pountney and Chrissy Thomas, we assumed they would be walking down the aisle again in a bid to draw a line under last year’s scandal.

Now though, it’s been revealed that the 36-year-old businesswoman may have other incentives.

‘She [Katie] hates the fact that Jane is in all their original wedding pictures and wants to have another, big fancy do that erases every memory of the friends that have crossed,’ admitted an unnamed source.

While we don’t blame mum-of-five Katie for wanting some Jane-free wedding snaps, it seems like a lot of effort to plan another marriage ceremony!

Speaking to the Daily Mirror newspaper, the source added: ‘Katie‘s ready to move on now. She feels that Kieran has worked through all of his issues and is now ready to let him back into her life.’

When Katie first discovered that 27-year-old Kieran had been sleeping with her ex-BFFs, she claimed that she would be getting a divorce.

But a fiery Katie instead managed to save her marriage – with Kieran having sex addiction counselling – and focussed her anger on Jane and Chrissy by posting a vast array of vicious tweets and photos.

On December 31 2014, Katie took to Twitter and wrote:

‘Hopefully last time I mention them Jane Pountney & Chrissy Thomas to remind people they are biggest whores in the world and wish them a s**t… life forever and no matter how sexy they tried to be… They lost the pricey win again ;).’

This weekend’s nuptials will be the THIRD time Katie and Kieran have said ‘I do’. After first getting married in January 2013 on a beach in the Bahamas, the famous pair had a Willy Wonka themed wedding in the UK two months later.

Nice! So who will be attending Saturday’s bash?

According to the source, Katie‘s aptly named pigs, Jane and Chrissy, will be bridesmaids.

As for non-attendees, let’s just assume Katie Hopkins will NOT be on the invite list.

Watch Katie Hopkins discuss the Pricey’s upcoming ceremony, and even share some possible vows she could use.

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