Fire-fighters had to rescue the Disney stars

The Jonas Brothers got stuck in an elevator for 45 minutes on Saturday.

Kevin, 22, Joe and Nick were trapped after performing an outdoor concert at The Grove shopping centre in Hollywood.

We were stuck in an elevator with 8 people and [our security guard] Big Rob,’ explains Joe, 20.

It went from, “Okay, this is hilarious, we’re stuck in an elevator, okay press the button,” to “This is crazy, okay, I can’t breathe, this is insane.”‘

Diabetic Nick, 17, admits he was worried about his health.

I just didn’t have my [blood sugar] checker with me,’ he tells People.

No one had it on them, and I was afraid that if [my blood sugar level] went low in an elevator we wouldn’t be able to do anything about it.’

Eventually, a fire crew arrived and got the boys out.

We had our photographer Rob Hoffman with us,’ adds Nick. He had his video camera so he taped the whole thing.’

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