Hate Katie Hopkins? Then you’ll want to see these pictures of her at ‘the biggest she’s ever been’

These are the pictures all Katie Hopkins‘ haters (so pretty much everyone) have been yearning for.

After years of criticising overweight people for being lazy and even turning on Lily Allen for looking ‘hideous’ while she was pregnant, the ex-Apprentice star has put on three stone herself…and admitted she’s finding it hard to be heavier.

Katie, 39, has agreed to put on the weight – and then lose it again – for a TLC documentary that will be aired in January.

Up until now she has kept her new figure under wraps but she revealed her noticeably rounder tum and ‘thighs that thunder’ when she took part in the Ice Bucket Challenge last week.

To achieve her weight gain, the feisty columnist has been eating a whopping 6,500 calories a day – including 13 ready meals – to see her weight go from 8st 8lb to 11st 8lb.

Katie took to Twitter to joke: ‘I can hold a pencil under my belly apron. But once it’s there I can’t see it. I understand how a kitten died in that fat lady’s folds now.’

But, shockingly, the controversial star also admitted she has found the process hard – and she does feel for people who are overweight.

Writing in her Sun column, Katie said: ‘For my journey to fat and back I wanted to become like so many women I see. You get married – gain a stone. Have a baby – gain a stone. Have another baby – maybe gain a stone more…

‘But I have learned it is not easy being unhappy with your body. Watching yourself pile on the fat is hard for a woman to do. I’m now the biggest I’ve ever been.

‘I am ashamed to be this big – the way nothing ever fits, the way you feel when people stare.’

Once she has achieved her obesity goal she will then lose all the weight again – to prove that ‘anyone can get down to a normal size just by eating less and moving more.’

Katie has previously attacked people for being overweight – claiming she would not employ one and blamed the obesity problem on fat parents saying ‘every fat child lives in the shadow of a fat parent’.

Back in February, she even turned on Lily Allen for piling on the pounds when she was PREGNANT saying becoming a mother for the singer ‘largely involved gaining two stone and looking pretty hideous’.

She also had a run in with TOWIE star Gemma Collins at the Plus Size Awards.

She said at the time: ‘Gemma Collins was also there to receive her contributions to fat people (award), which I think involved largely ‘being fat’. So, well done Gemma, on that… being fat…. You did well, you did well. And I know on Splash! Gemma got special plaudits because she was fat on that, too.’

Here at Now we actually think Katie looks better with a bit more meat on her *ducks for cover*

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