Kelly Brook has revealed she didn't have sex with Celebrity Big Brother's David McIntosh until he put a ring on it

She regularly tops polls for being the Sexiest Woman Alive but Kelly Brook has revealed that when it comes to actual sexy time she likes to make a man wait.

In fact, she’s revealed she didn’t have sex with fiance Celebrity Big Brother star David McIntosh until he put a ring on it – that’s a whole THREE MONTHS.

Kelly made the shock revelation during her ugly Twitter war with Chanelle Hayes yesterday.

The spat started after Chanelle said during an interview with The Sun on Wednesday that David, who she dated for three weeks in 2009, was ‘not a gentleman at all’.

She explained that on their first date, instead of taking her out for a posh meal he ordered from Pizza Hut – and left her to foot the bill.

She said: ‘He’s not a gentleman at all. He is so in love with himself. All he spoke about was how great he was and his body was. [Kelly] could have her pick of anyone but she’s settling for a fame-hungry scrounger.’

As David – who was the first to be evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house last night – was still locked up for the TV show at the time, Kelly took to Twitter to defend her beau.

But her tweet ended up revealing more than she probably intended.

In response to Chanelle‘s story, Kelly wrote:

‘Hang on… she slept with him even after he refused to buy her a pizza? #shame. I waited for diamonds.’

So is THAT the reason why Kelly and David got engaged after a whirlwind 12 weeks?

The couple, who first started dating in January after meeting at a New Year’s Eve party at her London bar and restaurant Steam & Rye, briefly split in February before getting engaged in March.

Speaking of her engagement at the time, Kelly said: ‘I saw this beautiful diamond ring and I think my first reaction was, “Are you sure?” He assured me he was, so I said “Of course I will”.

‘He slipped the ring on my finger and we kissed and it was just the most humbling, beautiful moment of my life.’

We’ve spent a looong time looking at these pictures of David, Kelly, and we don’t know how you managed it but we’re certainly impressed.

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