Kim shocks Kris Jenner on Keeping Up With The Kardashians

Kim Kardashian‘s love of selfies has reached a new level.

The reality star, 33, admitted to wanting over 1,000 snaps of herself during a family holiday to Thailand earlier this year.

In a deleted scene from Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim discovers a room at the resort where she plans to take some of the pictures.

‘Ooh, I have not done a selfie in this glam room,’ Kim says to mum Kris Jenner.

Kanye West‘s wife, who was planning to make a photo album of snaps from the trip, strips to a black bikini to get more shots.

‘How many selfies are you going to do in one day? You’re, like, obsessed,’ Kris, 58, asks her daughter.

‘I need 1,200,’ Kim replies while taking a photo of herself.

After Kim ponders trying a different outfit, a stunned Kris says: ‘This is remarkable. How many times a day are you going to change?’

Mum-of-one Kim is well known for her selfie habit and earlier this month used it to mark a social media milestone.

‘I just got to 16mil Instagram followers! This makes me soooo happy!’ Kim told Twitter fans.

‘I’m gonna post some pics tomorrow to celebrate!!!!’

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