Can Kim Kardashian and Kanye West go anywhere without starting a drama?

When it comes to awards ceremonies, Kanye West is always a questionable booking isn’t he?

After stealing Taylor Swift‘s moment at The Grammys back in 2009 when he tried to well, steal her award and give it to Beyonce – Mr West became the biggest talking point of The BRIT Awards last night after debuting new track All Day.

Introduced on stage by his loving wife Kim Kardashian who demanded everyone to ‘stand up and welcome my husband’ it sadly wasn’t the musical innovation or creativity which caught the attention of the British public.

Instead it was his repeated use of the N-word.

After dropping the derogatory term within the first few seconds, ITV then tried to sensor the majority of the performance by muting the audio but to no avail.

With many outraged viewers taking to Twitter to express their ‘disgust’ at being exposed to the racial slur in a show meant to honour British music and talent.

One appalled user stated; ‘Disgusting having to blank out part of the Brit awards because Kanye West and co were using appalling language

While another wrote: ‘An hour behind the Kanye drama – but what is this trash?! I actually find this performance quite disgusting…

Away from the world of Twitter, Ofcom have
also stated they’ll be ‘assessing the 123 complaints they’ve received so far’ over the performance before ‘deciding whether to launch an investigation’.

Um, we guess that’ll be the last time the Kardashian-West’s are invited to The BRIT Awards then!

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