We thought we’d seen it all, but Lady Gaga’s really stunned us this time


Lady Gaga has finally gone completely and utterly, er, gaga.

The crazy lady of pop has had a fashion transplant and ditched her wacky wardrobe for an altogether more, well, normal’ look.

What. Is. Going. On?

We thought our eyes were deceiving us last week when we spied the 25-year-old in a nice-but-in-no-way-naughty black dress with tulip print.

Surely just a blip?

Then 24 hours later her fashion makeunder continued with, wait for it, an LBD!

Everyone knows it takes three to make a trend and she went for the hat trick with a pretty yellow and black printed dress with her trademark 6in Louboutins.

But rest assured, people.

Sources close to the singer have told Now that this is just her new plan to shock us.


Read the full story about Lady Gaga in Now magazine dated 29 August 2011 – out now!

Now cover 29 August 2011

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