Ooh-er is it getting hot in here or is it just us?

She’s partial to a bikini selfie or five, but this time it’s Lauren Goodger‘s boyfriend Jake McLean that’s got our attention.

Her latest post shows off her amazing weight loss in all it’s toned glory, but in the background Jake is laying down in what appears to be NOTHING, leaving us hot under the collar, and pondering the very important question: IS he naked?



Captioning the pic: ‘Good morning love my @spottedonceleb bikini !!!! Very tired from hard day yesterday in the sun lol #messyroom #beenaway #longtime #love #boyf #tanned’, the saucy pic is certainly giving us reason to debate.

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It looks as if she’s making herself a human ‘censored’ sign covering up his naughty bits, while also perfecting her mirror selfie technique at the same time. Now that’s what you call multitasking.

Is he totally naked? Isn’t the air con making them both cold? Why hasn’t he got himself a phone case – doesn’t he know how easily iPhones smash? What level has he got to on candy crush? There’s just SO many unanswered questions.

Perhaps Jake decided to sit this selfie out after all the backlash he got from Lauren’s followers for THAT man bag, in the last selfie she posted of the two of them. Probably a wise move, fella.

We’ve been keeping up with all of Miss Goodger’s sun soaked antics from the couple’s romantic Dominican Republic getaway on her instagram. She’s shared many the sexy bikini selfie, and with a beach bod this bangin’, she has every reason to flaunt her incredible weight loss.

We guess we’ll never know for sure if Jake’s letting it all hang out in his birthday suit or not, but what we do know is that these two sure are giving us #couplegoals.

Rose Adams/@roseami1