EXCLUSIVE! You'll never guess what we filmed Rosie Fortescue and Millie Mackintosh getting up to at London Fashion Week

It’s been almost a week now since London Fashion Week came to an end, and there’s been one thing we haven’t quite been able to get off our minds.

Just WHAT exactly was Made In Chelsea‘s Rosie Fortescue implying on the front row with this very suspicious hand gesture towards Millie Mackintosh and lifestyle blogger Roxie Nafousi? Awks!

It’s been on our minds that much that it’s even become quite the topic of conversation at Now HQ.

We’ve all watched it and gone back to our desks to ponder what the reality star could be saying.

Here are our top 5 suggestions…

1. ‘The canapés could do with more seasoning!’

It’s no secret that 99.9 per cent of the time celebrities only attend events for the free drinks and nibbles, right? But as you can clearly see, Rosie was NOT happy with LFW’s choice of canapés.

2. ‘Darling, is this how I polish my diamond candelabra?’

There’s no denying the MIC girls live the finest of lives, but Rosie just isn’t happy with her cleaner’s spit and polish approach of late – which is why she’s turning to trusted pal Millie for some top tips on cleaning.

3. ‘Millie, Have you ever felt the skin of a cucumber?’

Rosie‘s ditched her Waitrose online delivery service and has started doing her own weekly shop herself down Asda like the rest us, and she just can’t BELIEVE the range of Smart Price fruit and veg on offer. 

4. ‘Look, I’m burning calories!’

No one likes bingo wings do they? Which is why Rosie‘s all for trying the latest upper arm exercises to lose that arm jiggle.

5. ‘Would one like to partake in a shot?’

Do you know what’s more fun than attending a #LFW show? GETTING DRUNK AFTER IT!

Which is exactly why Rosie was signalling to the girls to see if they’d like to grab some shots. 

This is how we like to imagine this conversation happening:

Rosie: Would one like to join me for a shot of Jäger afterwards?
Roxie: Yar, sounds devine, yar

Millie: Jäger? We’re from Chelsea, not Essex!

[cue laughter from the group]

Come on then, Rosie, spill. We NEED to know! Tweet us @NowMag

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