After a year away living in France reality star, Nikki Grahame, has conquered her battle with anorexia and can't wait to get in the BB house…

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She’s back! Nikki Grahame is set for Big Brother return: Photo | Twitter

As memorable Big Brother characters go Nikki Grahame is up there.

The 33-year-old coined the immortal phrase ‘Who IS she?’ about fellow contestant Susie Verrico, and became well known for her furious rants over the air conditioning and other housemates.

Now after a ‘wonderful’ year away on a self titled ‘gap year’ in France, Nikki is to go back into the reality show as part of a Big Brother twist. And the star said she is in a much different place to the Nikki we saw back in 2006.

Talking to Now, she said: ‘It’s ten years down the line and I feel like a different woman. I was a kid back then, whereas now I am a woman.

‘I’m definitely more level headed. I am still slightly unpredictable but a bit more rational – or maybe not!’

But she said she has already coined a new catchphrase : ‘My new line will be, “Who ARE they?”‘

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Feeling fabulous: Nikki says she feels ‘wonderful’ after her year out in France: Photo | Twitter

Nikki – who has publicly battled anorexia – spent six months working as a waitress in Nice, before moving to Paris to study French.

And this spell away from the UK has helped her to conquer her demons.

‘I’m happy, I’m healthy, I’m enjoying life, I have no idea what I weigh,’ she continued. ‘I eat what I want and exercise occasionally. This is the best I’ve felt. I’ve bought a new place in a new development which will be ready for me to move into when I leave the Big Brother house.’

Asked whether being watched 24 hours on camera and scrutinised by the public will affect her after she moved abroad to get away from it all, she said: ‘I’m not bothered what people think. I’m so used to it now I won’t notice. I’m looking forward to having fun and no responsibility and if people like me then that is a bonus.

‘I was confused back then when I moved to France. I just needed a bit of a fresh start and I have that. I do love a French man and I will always love a Frenchman, but it was so nice coming back on the Eurostar hearing English voices and I am glad to be home. I belong here.’

Nikki Grahame is worse for wear

Nikki says she is very different to the worse for wear girl shown here

The star is recently single having split from a secret French boyfriend, and confessed she wouldn’t mind some summer loving in the house with Christian.

‘I wouldn’t say no to Christian. He’s ten years younger than me but I could teach him a thing or two I am sure!’

She also thinks Mark will be making a bee line for her: ‘Mark will be trying to shag me at every opportunity. He seems to shag the walls, the bed, everything.

‘I would not kick him out of bed unless it was to shag him on the floor.’

John McCririck | Chantelle Houghton and Preston's love story | Big Brother

John McCririck would be Nikki’s dreaded housemate | Big Brother

But Nikki said she will be telling the current batch of housemates ‘a few home truths.’

Going on one of her rants, Nikki said: ‘They need to hear about themselves. I’m going to tell Jack he needs to stop moaning. All he does is moan about everyone else not cooking or cleaning when he does naff all.

‘I’m going to tell Nick to stop going from woman to woman because that’s all he does. I hope John McCririck is not there – he smells of horses and when I was in the house with him he walked around wearing a nappy. He’s a horrible man. I’d take Katie Hopkins over him any day.’
Oh Nikki we have missed you!

Catch Nikki going back in the Big Brother house tonight (Friday) Channel 5 at 9pm

Sarah Robertson