Harper hijacks Cruz Beckham's Ice Bucket Challenge. Have we spotted a new diva in the making?!

We thought it couldn’t get much better than David Beckham‘s shirtless attempt at the ice bucket challenge – until we saw son Cruz‘s video, which gave yet another exciting glimpse into our fave fam.

At first glance, nine-year-old Cruz‘s vid may seem like a straight-forward Ice Bucket Challenge attempt, made slightly more hilarious by the fact that the mini-Becks sprinted around the garden screaming after being hit by the freezing water.

But when we got to the end of the video, we heard something that changed EVERYTHING.

As poor Cruz continues to sprint crazily around, someone behind the camera jokes, ‘Harper, you’re next!’

Following this, you hear her tiny squeal of ‘Nooo!’

Commence, Now office watching Cruz‘s video on loop for an hour. SOOOO CUUUUUTE.

But it’s not just the utter adorableness of Harper‘s little shout that makes our hearts melt – it’s the fact that her refusal means she might just be turning into the world’s cutest new diva!

Harper, three, is reluctant to take on the challenge – and we don’t blame her. Because, well, why ruin her cute little curls?!

Harper, we already love you. But your pint-sized diva demands are making us heart you even more.

The video came after Beckham mum, Victoria, also took on the challenge and nominated son, Cruz. The 40-year-old fashionista wore all black as she hesitantly knelt by a pool side, waiting for husband, David, and three sons Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz to pour the freezing water over her. As the cold hit, Victoria fell forward towards the ground and uttered a few swear words – which were beeped out for the video. Classic Posh!

She then nominated Tom Ford, Katie Holmes and, of course, Cruz Beckham.

The Ice Bucket Challenge craze started in America to raise money and awareness for ALS, a rare neurological disorder.

Everyone from Cara Delevingne and Taylor Swift, to Simon Cowell and Gordon Ramsay, have now taken the challenge.

So far, almost £20 million has been raised.

Here at Now magazine, we decided to do our own Ice Bucket Challenge, dedicating our video to Greenfingers charity, who build magical gardens in hospices across the UK for life-limited children and their families to enjoy.

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Kim Gregory