Kate Moss having a picnic? This is not the party-loving model we know and love…


The pictures we usually see of Kate Moss tend to either be her doing the flawless modelling thing, preened and perfect, staring doe-eyed out of the pages of magazines, or – slightly less perfect – leaving celeb clubs with her A-lister mates in the early hours.

So it’s easy to forget that she’s actually also a normal-ish (massive ISH) mum to daughter, Lila Grace, 12, and a wife to musician Jamie Hince, 45, living out a real life in London and doing school runs, well away from that mad celeb world.

Which is why it’s MEGA exciting to get a glimpse of that life in these unseen pics, where we see notoriously private Kate looking loved up with Jamie and having a picnic by the lake. It’s thanks to her best mates, designer Fran Cutler and businesswoman Sadie Frost, 49, who’ve been posting pics of their friend Kate to their Instagram profiles.

Sadie, who is not just actor Jude Law‘s ex-wife, but Lila Grace‘s Godmum, is particularly close to the 40-year-old model, and often posts pics of her BFF.

Weird and amazing, right?

Kate, Fran and Sadie were all part of the infamous ‘Primrose Hill set’ back in the mid-1990s, a group of rich and beautiful people living in the north west area of London, who were known for their love of partying.

Other members, who seem to have since fallen by the wayside, included actors Rhy Ifans, Jonny Lee Miller, Jude, models Davinia Taylor, Meg Matthews, and musician brothers Noel and Liam Gallagher.

But it looks like this core three have remained very much close friends, though we’re guessing some of their (er, reportedly) ‘debauched’ partying ways might’ve calmed down a little bit since Kate got married to Jamie in July 2011, and Sadie‘s been raising her three kids with JudeRafferty, 18, Iris, 14, and Rudy, 12.

Ladies, we are more than available for your next get-together.

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