Pregnant Helen Flanagan is still living in a hotel with footballer boyfriend Scott Sinclair!

She’s expecting her first baby in a couple of months – but Helen Flanagan is still living in a hotel with her boyfriend!

The former Coronation Street star, 24, who is expecting little ‘un with Aston Villa player Scott Sinclair – her boyfriend of six years – is practically living out of a suitcase ahead of the arrival of their first born.

The couple are hoping to get the keys for their new home before the baby arrives, and although Helen hasn’t done as much prep as she would have liked for the newborn, she has in fact bought a pram.

Well, that’s a start.

Helen said: ‘We haven’t got a house yet, but we want to have a place that is just perfect and we don’t just want to rush into it. We’ll move in May and then I’ll have a few weeks before the baby arrives.’

Although her baby is not due until July, it looks like Helen is itching to get back into her old clothes.
She posted a picture of herself on Instagram in a cropped top and skin-tight skirt while out shopping. Calling it ‘experimenting’, the actress was taking the picture of herself in a shop changing room – and decided not to buy the outfit.

Helen wrote a caption on the picture, saying: ‘Decided against this @americanapparelusa probs a bit too much x #ilovemypregnancybodytho #pregfashion #experimenting.’

Speaking of her changing body Helen admits she has taken a healthy approach to pregnancy. She said: ‘I’ve looked after myself and not stuffed my face.’ Apart from the odd chicken craving that is after her morning sickness.

‘I became a bit obsessed with Nandos and would go every day,’ she admits, before she got in touch with a food coach to straighten out her eating habits.

And although her baby is not due yet, ‘I am convinced it’s going to be a boy – Scott is adamant I’m having a girl!’ Helen says, her maternal instinct has already kicked in. Especially when she goes swimming.

‘I’m really protective over the bump and I’ve told a few swimmers off in my time. One man kicked me in the back and I just yelled: ‘I’m pregnant!’ she’s revealed.

Helen has embraced her body shape too adding: ‘I like my body like this. I think I’ll lose weight pretty quickly as I’m going to breastfeed until September – I won’t go on any sort of diet until then. Your body needs to recover and you need to be healthy for the baby when breastfeeding.’

After such wise words, we’re sure Helen‘ll take to motherhood like a duck to water.

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