Scriptwriters inspired by Harry's antics

Prince Harry has reportedly been offered a cameo in The Hangover Part III after his Las Vegas exploits inspired the writers.

The next movie in the franchise, which follows 3 friends indulging in wild antics similar to Harry’s Vegas scandal, is apparently being re-written so that the Prince’s naked pictures can be referenced.

‘When the Harry news broke we immediately saw an opportunity for using the scandal,’ says a source at Warner Bros.

‘If the 3 guys came across Harry then what happened in his penthouse suite could get even more out of control.

‘Writers have been given carte blanche to try any comedy ideas around Harry.’

And with filming kicking off in Vegas shortly, the makers would even like Harry, 27, to make an appearance in the flick.

‘It is a natural step for him to be invited to join them too,’ the insider tells the Daily Star.

‘And rather than pay a fee they could offer him a huge charity donation.’

Harry’s nude snaps are still causing concern for the royals, especially after it was revealed that there might be a video recorded by a fellow partygoer showing the Prince’s naked antics.

A Buckingham Palace source tells the Daily Mirror: ‘If there’s footage, it could be very damaging for the Prince and for the Royal Family.’

Harry looks set to make his first public appearance since the scandal at a Paralympic Games swimming event on Monday.

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