Just what was Wills doing in the grounds of a Cambridge prison? Hint: he was doing his job

Don’t worry – Prince William hasn’t had a right royal meltdown and landed himself in the slammer. But he WAS at HMP Highpoint on Wednesday (September 2) – accompanied by his protection officer and four prison guards.

The Sun reports that Wills flew his helicopter to the jail while on a shift with the East Anglian Air Ambulance, after they were called to assist a prisoner who’d taken a suspected overdose.

The prince was taking his safety very seriously. A witness said that four guards immediately rushed to Wills’ side as he landed – but it’s likely that the inmates had no idea of his flying visit (sorry) at all.

It wasn’t just the prisoners that were kept away from William either – eyewitnesses describe how people living in the surrounding estate were coming out of their houses for a nosey, but that the guards kept them away from the prince.

It isn’t the first time Wills has had to fly his ‘copter into a tricky situation. Last month, he attended the scene of a shooting just moments after the gunman had made his escape. Thankfully, the victim was saved at the scene.

William has been a pilot with East Anglia Air Ambulance since July, and is working almost full-time hours with them, in addition to his royal duties.