The actor wants to feel 'hungry'

Jake Gyllenhaal has shocked onlookers with his frighteningly skinny frame.

The heartthrob actor looked almost unrecognisable at the Hollywood Film Awards on Monday night, where he showed off his protruding cheekbones and gaunt figure.

Jake, 32, has shed over 20lb to play struggling reporter Lou in new flick Nightcrawlers and admits that he wanted to feel as hungry as his character.

It takes place in a land where I think there is a desert in a lot of ways, great opulence, and at the same time, great vastness and emptiness,’ the movie star explains.

I knew that [Lou] was literally and figuratively hungry, [so I got into a] mode where I was always a bit hungry.’

Jake, who has previously dated Taylor Swift and Reese Witherspoon, insists that he hasn’t embarked on any sort of rigorous regime to get his weight down.

I just love this movie,’ the actor tells Us Weekly.

That’s how I did it. There really was no technique.’

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Anna Francis