Er, squashing your testicles into a pouch is now fashion? We're very confused by the Bobby Norris Ball Bag

We’ve seen questionable trends come and go in our time, but we’re finding it quite hard to comprehend the latest in ‘men’s fashion’ as modelled by The Only Way Is Essex‘s Bobby Cole Norris.

The Bobby Beach Ball Bag.

Please don’t be confused by the name, it isn’t some kind of sporting bag to travel your playing balls to the beach for an afternoon of family fun, as it may suggest.

It is indeed a tin foil-looking bag with elasticated fasten to squash your testicles into. 

We know, we know – we never quite thought we’d ever witness a male swimwear trend more horrific than Speedo-style budgie smugglers either. Nice work, Bobby!

This may be the only way to get an all-over tan, but we’re just not sure it’s worth it?

Wearing the ‘piece’ on Es Cavallet nudist beach in Ibiza with Jessica Wright and Ricky Rayment whilst filming scenes for The Only Way Is Ibiza – the Bobz looked totes at ease with mother nature as he bared his pubic hair to the world.

Sadly this isn’t the first time we’ve noticed some questionable beach attire come from the Essex fashionista.

Let’s cast our minds back to June when Bobby unveiled his ‘Sirius Schlong Thong’ to the world.

The asymmetrical man thong was designed to ‘banish those white parts’ and was so unforgettable Paris Hilton even took to Twitter to discuss the garment. 

‘Is this a joke?’ the reality queen posted followed by a crying laughter face emoji.

We wish it was Paris, we really really wish it was. 

Although Bobby appears to be on top of his back, sack and crack grooming wise – we can’t help but envision the horrors if the BBB transcended onto the real man.

Would you let your man flop it all out on your next minibreak, or even on an all-inclusive jaunt with the kids?

One man we wouldn’t mind splashing around in one though is David Gandy! Swoon!

Let’s hope M&S start stocking them soon, cause we need pictures of him sporting one in our lives ASAP.

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