5 things we predict will happen in Downton Abbey based on our analysis of the trailer. You're welcome!

After watching the all-new Downton Abbey trailer we are seriously excited – it looks as though Series 5 is set to be totally riveting!

As Butler Carson opens the one-minute trailer with, ‘I feel a shaking of the ground I stand on,’ could it be all-change in this year’s Downton? We’ll have to wait and see but in the meantime here’s our preposterous, shameless and totally outrageous predictions based on the nail-biting trailer.


1. WTF?! Downton Abbey is burning…and there’s a new hero in town!

Downton’s future hangs in the hands of fate as a huge blaze threatens to destroy everything. How did it start? Did Mrs Pattmore leave the AGA on? Was Lord Grantham smoking a sneaky cigar when it wasn’t ‘after dinner drinks hour’?
Chauffeur-turned-posh-boy Tom Branson also claims the hero crown after he saves an anonymous lady from the flames. Swoon!

2. What’s got the Dowager Countess’ petticoats ruffled?

‘If you have something to say, say it,’ declares the Countess. Did she find a long, dark hair in her Stilton soup? Perhaps the silverware wasn’t shiny enough or some idiotic fool forgot to press the napkins. Either way, she is NOT happy and we definitely wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of that intimidating glare.

3. Ooh, there’s more upstairs/downstairs nookie!

Cupid’s clearly been working his magic as new girl in town, Lady Anstruther (played by Anna Chancellor), naughtily whispers ‘you’re a very naughty boy,’ to Jimmy the footman. Is she also the woman that Jimmy is seen fumbling around with in bed? Scandalous!

4. Is widower Tom’s love life finally hotting up?

We reckon things are getting pretty serious with Tom Branson and Sarah Bunting (and by serious we mean an actual PDA in the village – gasp!). We first met schoolteacher Sarah (actress Daisy Lewis) at the end of Series 4 and in the new trailer, Tom is seen smooching a very similar looking lady. What a jolly old affair that could be!

5. A child snatcher is abound!

‘Our grandchild is about to be stolen from us forever,’ shouts Lord Grantham. Uh-oh, Downton Abbey might be taking a soap-opera turn if there’s a kidnapper on the estate. Ahem, it’s probably more likely that Lady Mary is snogging someone with a slightly smaller collection of silver spoons than the Grantham family, but that equates to social suicide and, er, child kidnap in Lord Grantham‘s book!


* Tune in to ITV on 21 September at 9pm to check out if our predictions come true. Now, do excuse us, it’s tea and scones time…

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Lucy Gornall