We can't deal with how Celebrity Big Brother's Katie Hopkins has described Katie Price's fake boob *Shudders*

We’ve seen and heard some pretty disturbing things during our Celebrity Big Brother viewing time but THIS has to take the biscuit – and we’re talking Jammy Dodger level intense.

In her weekly The Sun newspaper column, which she has been writing from the CBB house, notoriously opinionated Katie Hopkins has spoken about Katie Price‘s latest breast reduction in the most graphic way we have heard yet.

Pricey is still struggling to keep one of her new boobs inside her body and has been told it will have to be removed when she leaves the house,’ writes Hopkins. ‘It has started to smell like my dead hamster.’


A dead hamster?! We’re not sure there are enough words in the English language to describe how disturbing an analogy that is, Ms Hopkins. Or, indeed, how glad we are that we’re not in that house with Katie and her alleged ‘dead hamster’ boob. Yikes!

Katie H continued: ‘During a farewell party for Nadia, Katie‘s microphone pack fell on the floor and she screamed: “Sh*t – my t*t” thinking it was her false boob hitting the deck. Big Brother nearly had a cardiac arrest.’

But it’s not only Hopkins who has talked about the new boob job in graphic detail in the house – Pricey herself has given us a first hand insight into her surgery situation.

‘The only way I can describe it is to say you’re sewn up. The problem with it there is that it was so weak that if I pushed any areas, I could pierce my finger through,’ she admitted. ‘It was paper thin… Whole thing [went septic]! The implant was hanging out on New Year’s Day.’

Hmm, you might want to get that sorted Pricey – before Hopkins can compare your aroma to any more dead animals.


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