She's the most hated woman in Britain, but this attack on Katie Hopkins is a little extreme, no?

An Australian comedian, Adam Hills, has launched a shocking attack on outspoken TV personality Katie Hopkins, comparing her to convicted sex offender Rolf Harris.

The comments came on Adam’s UK TV show The Last Leg, as he was deciding on who would win his ‘dick of the year’ award. After deciding it would be Rolf Harris, he then said, ‘But then a lady called Katie Hopkins sent a Tweet.’

It’s believed Adam was referencing recent Tweets that Katie posted about a British Ebola victim who was diagnosed after volunteering to help charity, Save The Children, in Sierra Leone.

After the news broke that Scottish nurse Pauline Cafferkey was being treated in a London hospital for the virus, Katie wrote: ‘Little sweaty jocks, sending us Ebola bombs in the form of sweaty Glaswegians just isn’t cricket. Scottish NHS sucks.’

Katie‘s comments were so offensive that over 11,000 people signed an online petition for her to be charged over the ‘racist tweets’ and police investigating the complaints released a statement saying: ‘Please be aware we will continue to monitor comments on social media and any offensive comments will be investigated.’

Following his joke, Adam then spoke directly to camera, as if talking to Katie face-to-face, and said: ‘You’re not supposed to be proud of being the biggest bitch in Britain. Attention and love are not the same thing. Right now I can’t decide whether you’re a worse person than a convicted paedophile.’

We’re sure it won’t be the last time Katie, who is set to enter the Celebrity Big Brother house tonight, manages to offend anyone with her outspoken opinions. The celebrities rumoured to be living with her in the famous house, including Calum Best, Kavana and Patsy Kensit, are likely to be next on her list for a tongue-lashing. Yikes!

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