Wait until you see what Peter Andre has got on his tour rider. . . It's not for the faint-hearted


Could life BE anymore different for Peter Andre?

When he first burst onto the scene with his oiled torso back in the day, his rider would be a boozy, and very naughty one.

Now the Mysterious Girl singer, 41, has sensationally revealed to us the secrets of his new rider as he goes full speed ahead on his UK tour. And gasp, it’s enough to bring a tear to your eye….

Proud father, Pete, tells Now: ‘The tour is going amazing. It’s such a buzz live. It’s kind of weird. I used to have on my rider loads of alcohol, loads of this, loads of that. And I used to just share it with the crew.

‘But now everyone’s asking for shower gels, toothpaste, and toothbrushes. I’m getting loads of that. Nappies, baby wipes!’

Cute, right? Wait, he’s not finished.

‘You’ll be surprised,’ he adds: ‘When people turn up to the shows now, what they used to give us gift wise, they give everything to the kids now. It’s quite funny. It’s beautiful.’

Wow, what ever happened to the six-pack flaunting, ladies’ man of old?

He’s certainly tamed his ways now he’s become a father and is also besotted with his fianc√© Emily MacDonagh. Pete’s not the first celebrity to have chilled out since becoming a Pop.

Just look at Simon Cowell, who seems to have gone from Mr Nasty to Mr Mellow now his adorable son Eric is here. The mogul often gushes how his little man, whose mother is US socialite Lauren Silverman, has made everything worthwhile.

Meanwhile Pete, who is launching his new limited edition fragrance Scarlet, was full of praise for his little girl Amelia.

He said: ‘She’s nine months next week. And she’s standing, so she’s putting her hands on things to stand up. It’s such a joy to watch her grow.’

Aww. Send us pics!

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