Celebrity Big Brother's Lauren Goodger's lips look like they're pout of control

As Lauren Goodger entered the Celebrity Big Brother house this evening, we couldn’t help but gawp at how different her face looks.

The 27-year-old former TOWIE star’s lips looked swollen and inflated and her cheeks more plump than these early pictures when she first appeared on the ITV show in 2010.

Lauren has admitted to going under the knife in the past and had a nose job in 2011, so could she have booked in for a few extra treatments before going in the house?

We spoke to Dr Adil Sarwar of the Harley Street Skin Clinic who told us: ‘Lauren‘s natural lips had a lovely cupid’s bow shape to them. Over the years it appears that fillers have led to increased volume and complete loss of shape. This could be down to her being too quick to return for repeat treatment.’

According to Dr Sarwar, rushing back for a top-up before it’s really necessary is a common mistake made by many celebs and it’s what’s often behind their over-inflated appearances.

‘Lip filler breaks down quite quickly,’ he tells us, ‘and people can panic and think it’s gone. They have another after about nine months. But filler stays in for about a year, so they’re adding to the existing filler and their lips get bigger, but they lose track of how big.’

Lauren has always denied that she’s had any treatment on her lips insisting: ‘It’s just clever make-up.’

However, she’s made no secret of her struggle with her self esteem in the past, even saying ‘I hate the way I look!’

But whether or not she has had a surgical helping hand on her lips, one person who will be keeping a very close eye on them whilst she’s in the Celebrity Big Brother house must be her ex-fiance, Mark Wright. Will she spill more secrets about their relationship? We hope the bigger the lips, the more she plans to blab!

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