Come back Kristen Stewart, all is forgiven, says Louis Boroditsky

Robert Pattinson‘s new hair is soo hot – said no one ever.

Except maybe his new girlfriend FKA Twigs.

Taking a pair of crazy shears to your head never works out well in celeb-land (just ask Britney) so what could be behind R-Pattz‘s new do?

Reason #1 – R-Pattz is trying to impress FKA Twigs

We’ve all made questionable choices in the name of love, but it usually involves telling your crush – who is a hot yoga instructor – that you’re the bikram boss, but in reality you’ve never stretched a muscle in your life.

We can’t help but notice there has been a radical change in R-Pattz’s hair since he started dating FKA Twigs (real name Tahliah Barnett) in September. And we’re not just talking about the hair on his head. First there was the overgrown beard, then a dodgy moustache and now he’s shaved it all off save for one random tuft at the back.

Could he be trying to impress super cool singer FKA, 26?

It’s too bad Kristen Stewart cheated on Robert, because all he had to do to get on K-Stew‘s good side is wear a black leather jacket and look moody and miserable. And hot.

Reason #2 – R-Pattz is trying to be edgy

Just because Lady Gaga hasn’t tried a similar hairstyle, doesn’t make it up for grabs. His hair seems to be screaming, ‘Party in the front, bonkers in the back!’ before looking you dead in the eye and whispering, ‘Help.’

You have to question a hairstylist who wants to combine elements of a Justin Bieber fringe, an early 90s bowl-cut and a mohawk into one cohesive look. Or perhaps he/she was attempting to merge all of One Direction‘s hairstyles into one helluva mane mash-up. The Haz-Ni-Li-Lou-Zay?

Reason #3 – R-Pattz has cut it that way for an upcoming movie role. 

Prayed everyone in the whole world.

In all honesty, this can’t actually be happening. R-Pattz must be up for a role in a boundary-pushing sci-fi flick and wants to show the director that he’s so committed to the project he’s willing to go out in public looking like absolute THIS.