Yes, you read that right - Johnny Depp takes on Donald Trump in a new spoof movie


Johnny Depp has taken aim at Donald Trump by portraying the controversial businessman-turned-US-presidential-candidate in a hilarious new film.

Created by humour website Funny Or Die, the spoof TV movie sees lovely Johnny fully immerse himself in the role of Trump – starting with that distinctive ginger-blonde head of hair.

The Hollywood hunk also appears to be wearing padding under Trump’s trademark blue suit in order to full out his frame in the 50-minute video.

Comically billed as an ‘illuminating made-for-TV special feature’ made by Trump himself, it tells the story of Donald’s ruthless quest to buy the Taj Mahal Casino in New Jersey.

Along the way, digs a-plenty are made at Trump’s notoriously controversial views, including his thoughts on religious groups including Muslims.

It also lampoons his privileged upbringing, with Johnny’s Donald telling a bright-eyed kid: ‘I had my own Vietnam [War]. I had to start-up with nothing but the shirt on my back and a small millon dollar loan from my father.’

‘Trump’ also imparts nuggets of advice on how to make it in the world of business, with quips including: ‘Successful people are always on the phone, even if there’s no-one on the other end.’

The film also features appearances from Henry Winkler (AKA The Fonz), Christopher Lloyd (Doc from Back To The Future) and Ricky Gervais’s comedy partner in crime, Stephen Merchant.

It also stars 80s TV alien Alf (yes, ALF!), who ‘Trump’ tells: ‘You are the only illegal alien I truly love.’

The movie was apparently shot over four days in December, making the fact that all involved were able to keep its existence secret until its release today nothing short of a miracle.

Outspoken businessman Trump is making headlines in the US and around the world right now as he campaigns to be elected the next President of the United States.

But many big-name stars have rallied against him, including CherJerry Seinfeld and David Letterman.

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